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Proposed Regulation or Rule

Rule: Banks must finance Alaska drilling

Taking Action
The easy way

Understand the issue

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Figure out what to write

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If this is a comment on a regulation...

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This issue is currently dormant as 1) the public comment period has ended and 2) the Biden administration has delayed the rule and ordered it to be reevaluated. If it is proposed again, we will update this action accordingly.

We don't believe any action at this time is necessary. We are leaving this here, however, because we believe our persective on it would not change if becomes an issue again.

Our perspective

Oil and gas companies require money to explore and drill. The largest banks have said they would refuse to provide the needed loans. If this regulation is enacted, banks would be required to provide loans based solely on a risk criteria.

This regulation would increase the likelihood of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

We also believe there is a hidden agenda to this regulation - which is to benefit the largest banks. It would allow them to finance drilling without needing ial to face the social consequences - as they would be required to provide the loans.

For these reasons, Lobby99's board of of directors opposes the Fair Accessing to Financial Services regulation.

What you can do

Visit to read the proposed rule and comment. (If the link doesn't work, use this link instead)

Comments must be submitted by January 4.

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