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Sensible Tax Rates

Taking Action
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Understand the issue

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Figure out what to write

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If this is a letter to Congress...

Click on the megaphone to choose which representative or senator to write to. Click on their name to bring you to their information page on our site.

Then click on the megaphone on their information page. That will take you to the section of their official website where you can email them.

If this is a comment on a regulation...

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Write it and send it on its way

Simply paste what you copied from our sample letter or comment or write whatever you want.

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Sample letter to your representatives in Congress

As your constituent, I am requesting that you work to enact a tax policy that benefits the overwhelming majority of Americans.

The policy should meet the following criteria:

o Accounts for the spending needs of the nation as a whole

o Ensures that each person pays their part of that in an equitable way

Any variation of these criteria should be based on verifiable evidence, rather than any unproven ideology.

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