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And when we lobby, we win!

Welcome to Lobby99

Our mission is simple. We make it easy for you to have your say, in your government, that is supposed to represent your interests.

I vote. Isn't that enough?

Voting is important to elect representatives who'll advocate for policies that work in your interests or those of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

Once in office, if they know their constituents understand the issues, they need to know how to keep your vote in the future.

Me? Lobby?

Yep! Lobbying isn't magic. It's simply letting your representatives know how you want them to represent you.

Corporations and rich interests lobby with their campaign contributions. And you can bet they're advocating every day for policies that help themselves.

They have a lot more money, but the rest of us have a lot more people. And if enough of us lobby, they won't be able to ignore us without risking their re-election.

So why Lobby99?

We make it easy and quick for you!

Our news arm, NewsInFiVe, explains news so you can clearly understand what's going in in a short amount of time.

Then we make it quick for to do your lobbying part - either writing to your representatives in Congress or commenting on a proposed regulation.


Urgent Priority
Freedom to Vote Act
The Freedom to Vote Act would protect the voting rights of eligible voters. Senate Republicans currently are blocking it.
For the People Act
The For the People Act would protect the voting rights of eligible voters. Senate Republicans currently are blocking it.
You Can Make a Difference
Enact reasonable gun laws
We need laws to help keep guns away from those who pose a direct threat to others.
Outsourcing Accountability Act
This bill would require companies to report on how many of its jobs are for Americans and how many are in foreign countries.
Equality Act
This bill would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Healthcare For All
Provide health care to all Americans based on health needs, not financial situation.
Preserve ObamaCare
Congress can protect ObamaCare from a court case that may rule it unconstitutional for a very petty (and invalid) reason.
Allow Employees to File Class Actions
Provide employees a reasonable course of action against employers that violate wage and hour laws.
Taxpayer First Act
The law prevents the IRS from providing tax preparation services.
Steps to prevent the president from personally profiting from being in office
Washington, D.C. Statehood
Allow for the residential areas of the District of Columbia to become a state, and provide residents with representation.
Sensible Tax Rates
Tax revenue should cover expenditures. Tax rates should be based on equitable impact.
Minimum Wage
Set the national minimum wage so that someone working 40 hours a week can afford basic needs.
Eliminate unlawful text messages End: 2022-Nov-25
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering a requlation to help prevent spam text messages.
Allow California to restrict emissions End: 2021-Jul-06
Reverse the Trump administration rule that would have prevented California from enacting stricter vehicle emissions standards.
Rule: Banks must finance Alaska drilling End: 2021-Jan-04
Regulation that would require banks to finance oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Arctic Naional Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
Register by Dec. 7 for Senate runoff End: 2020-Dec-07
If you live in Georgia, check your registration and register to vote if necessary.
Car Loan Minority Protections End: 2018-May-01
Congress repealed guidance from the Cosumer Financial Protection Bureau that protected minorities from discrimination when obtaining car loans.
Investigate Jan. 6 attack on Capitol
The Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol was planned in advance by various right-wing groups, and resulted in several deaths.

Those groups may have been incited - and even aided - by elected representatives.
Anti-Lynching Act
Bill to make lynching a federal hate crime
Restore Net Neutrality
This was a resolution to stop the Federal Communications Commission from repealing Net Neutrality.
Congress should not enact bills that make it virtually impossible to enact regulations that protect Americans.